Our Member Benefits Include:

    1. A Medical and Life Insurance scheme for its members
    2. Discount schemes with over a dozen business houses
    3. A Women’s Committee, which advances the rights of female members
    4. A Youth Committee, which looks after the rights of young members
    5. A Scholarship programme for members


The CSA has friendly relations with a number of local unions namely:

National Workers’ Union

St. Lucia Teachers’ Union

St. Lucia Prison Officers’ Association

Seamen, Waterfront and General Workers’ Union

St. Lucia Nurses’ Association


The CSA also benefits from its links with Regional and International Trade Union Organizations.

It is affiliated to and a member union of:

–           The Caribbean Public Services Association (CPSA)

–           Public Services International (PSI)

–           Postal, Telephone and Telegraph International (PTTI)

–           The Commonwealth Trade Union Council Union Activities

–            Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL)


Over the years, the CSA has organized and encouraged various Social, Cultural and Educational activities :

Small Goals Football        Softball Cricket        Netball       Table tennis      Dominoes        Kareoke Competition

Intercommercial House Competition



 The CSA and Trade Union Education

The CSA continues to place emphasis on the training of Shop Stewards, Executive members, Administrative staff and Rank and File members. CSA representatives have participated in seminars and workshops organized by PSI, CPSA, CTUC and Pill.

Recently, the CSA has concentrated on exposing members to subjects such as Pensions and Gratuities, Structural Adjustment and Inter-personal relations. In addition to the above, greater emphasis will be placed on Health, Safety and the Environment.


 CSA Week

Annually, the union organizes a week of activities to celebrate the union’s anniversary. It is also an opportunity for members to display their skills and talents.

The two main aims of the week are to:

•          Publicize the work of the union

•          Further encourage unity among members




  • Decent Work Poster
  • Economic & Trade Issues Poster
  • Occupational Safety Health Poster
  • Regional Integration Poster