President’s Message

On behalf of the CSA Executive Council and the Staff of the Secretariat, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all CSA members a very productive 2019. During the last year we had our fair share of challenges and the coming year is expected to be even more challenging. Members should not lose hope but must stay focused and ready to respond to calls for action if and when it becomes necessary.

The CSA’s membership has grown steadily over the last two years due to renewed confidence in the organization as well the perceived threat of job losses given the current socio-economic climate. Our Union has regained its rightful place as the biggest and best union in the island. In recent times, we have witnessed attacks on our union and its officers on many different fronts, however we will not be discouraged and will continue to represent the interest of our membership in the various branches and work places in Saint Lucia.

Last year we were able to settle at least ten (10) collective agreements and are in the process of negotiating several others, including the one with the Government of Saint Lucia, which is due to expire in March 2019. We remain committed to the Trade Union Federation (TUF) and will continue work collectively and collaboratively with the remaining affiliates in our quest to arrive at an amiable settlement with our employer. Our issues with LUCELEC remain on the front burner and we will continue to pursue all available legal options to secure what is just and right for our members.

We cherish our track record of operating as a democratic and transparent union that places the interest of the membership at the forefront of our activities. We look forward to securing a better deal for members in 2019 and will continue steadfastly in our pursuit of social justice and in securing a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all workers in this country.

Let’s make a positive difference in 2019




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